Regular maintenance of your EV charging stations can minimize downtime and protect your revenue. And of course, having reliable EV charging stations results in happy customers, 5-star reviews, and repeat business, keeping you ahead of the competition.  

Our planned maintenance program for EV charging stations includes 2 scheduled service visits per year, repairs as needed (we are on call 24/7), and a monitor/dispatch system in which we are notified of any system errors or issues so we can maximize uptime of your stations. 

There are three key elements our technicians will inspect during a planned maintenance visit. Here’s what you can expect.

EV Charging Station Safety Inspection

First our technicians will perform a visual inspection to make sure the station(s) is/are working as designed. They will then perform a full safety inspection, a vital step that includes checking protective bollards, pedestal, surrounding concrete, line striping, and signage to ensure all are functioning properly and secure.

Cable Management Inspection

The cables in an EV station are the system’s lifeline. We will make sure cables are free of twisting and corrosion as well as confirm the cable management system is functioning properly.

Charging Coupler Inspection

Couplers hold key components together. Our technicians will ensure the couplers are clean and free of debris, excessive wear, and broken components.

Standard Cleaning for EV Charging Stations

During the safety inspection, technicians will also identify areas of the charging station that need to be cleaned. They will wipe down the charging station(s) and surrounding area of debris. This process may include cleaning the filter, if necessary.

Electrical Inspection & Maintenance

An electrical inspection ensures safe and efficient functioning. Our technicians check the station’s power supply, wiring, and electrical components from panel to charging station.

Charging Station Network Test

Finally, our technicians will test the charging capabilities and cellular network of each station to ensure everything is functioning properly and up to date.

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How Much Does EV Charging Station Planned Maintenance Cost?

Planned maintenance saves you money, time, and customers in the long run. Here is our tier of costs up front: 

  • 1-4 Stations – $225 per visit
  • 5-9 Stations – $400 per visit
  • 10-20 Stations – $750 per visit
  • 20+ Stations – ask for pricing

We recommend 2 visits per year, every 6 months, to ensure charging stations are well maintained and available for customers.

Trip charge will be added based on distance traveled.

M&M is excited to help drive your site into the future by providing the best EV charging maintenance services in the greater Indianapolis area. Contact us today for all your EV maintenance needs.